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10 Muharram Sham-e-Ghareeban Ashoura procession

The Martyrs of Kerbala have left us a legacy & a role model of strong faith, uprightness, steadfastness, righteousness and sacrifice. Its also a guide to us as Humans and as Muslims that we must choose the side of truth when faced with a moral crisis.

Pakistan Newspage wishes you a safe Muharram. May Allah swt protect all of us. Amen.

Sham-e-Ghareeban was after Asr on the day of Ashura. Imam Hussain (pbuh) lay dead. The earth had trembled! Furaat had broken its banks! From the camp of the family of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) such lamentation arose as had never been heard before!

‘Umar son of Saad’ received a letter from ‘Ubayd Allah son of Ziyad’. The Governor of Kufa instructed that they should not be satisfied with the death of Imam Hussain (pbuh). His body must be subjected to the ultimate insult of being trampled by the hooves of horses. And this was done to the Grandson of the Holy Prophet (pbuh)! Listen Full Waqia Karbala.

What does happen on Sham-e-Ghareeban?

Afghan Shia Muslim men also flagellate themselves during an Ashoura procession in Kabul on Muharram.

May ALLAH save us to betray, May ALLAH protect us and may HE safe our Emaan. Ameen!!


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