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10 years old child from Al-Qassim to be granted a tour guide license

JEDDAH: Prince Sultan bin Salman, President of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTNH), has taken the unprecedented step of issuing the tour guide license to just a 10 years old boy in Saudi Arabia.


The child name is Waleed Khaled Al-Lamailem and he lives in Oyoun Al-Jawa, in northern Qassim.

President of SCTNH came to know about this young boy through a video in which he is guiding and demonstrating about the province to a group of German tourists. The video goes viral on social media and Mr. President wish to meet the boy and his father.

In a meeting with his father and that young boy, the father told to Mr. president that Waleed learnt English from Australia when he was living there for his doctorate study.

He likes to work as a tour guide and now he is taking as his hobby, he added. Besides English language he has also a firm grip at Arabic Language.

Mr. President of SCTNH said that the young man will get training for tour guide in some leisure hours. It is good that he is promoting and translating for the Kingdom.


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