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12 people lost their life during selfie last year: Report

Washington: (September 24, 2015) “Selfie” which was started as a style of picture now popular so much that people are willing to take selfie on dangerous places and some of them lost their lives during taking selfie. According to report last year 12 people died while taking selfie on dangerous places.

Now this selfie addiction covers people of all ages. From children to aged people, all are involved in this addiction. The alarming thing is that there is no boundary of making selfie. People are making selfies where they want like in shopping malls, during cooking, in zoo, during bathroom and even some people who travelled with family are seen that they are taking selfie with family along the road side where heavy traffic going on just on their back side which could be cause of accident.

According to the foreign news agency the death rate of Shark fish attack is less than the death toll during selfie making. According to report last year due to Shark fish attack 8 people are died while 12 people lost their lives during selfie making and the cause of their death is that they were taking selfie after standing on dangerous places.

12 people died during selfie last year

Remember that some days ago a tourist died in India who was taking selfie while standing on Taj Mehal stairs, he slipped during selfie making and lost his lif. While on the other hand in Russian a campaign was started in which people are warned about not making selfie on dangerous places.


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