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250 Million Indian Citizens are the Poorest People of the World: UN

Hunting and weapons of war hysteria, who spent countless millions of people in India living below the poverty line, according to the United Nations report released reveals that the world’s poorest people are living a life of poverty in India.

People affected by leprosy living in poverty housing

The United Nations said in a report released Rs 25 crore in India with a population of 30 million are living in extreme poverty, education, health, water, sewage system and electricity are deprived of basic human needs.

According to the report of the poor citizens in India, five years age child deaths are highest in the world and each year an estimated 40 million children died before their fifth birthday when caught in the ruthless, 60 percent of them are deprived of the blessing of the house and open-air night and day are forced to spend his life.

The report said that although India in the years to alleviate poverty, but still quite positive efforts to overcome poverty, which requires urgent measures.

UN Under-Secretary of Social Commission for Asia and Pacific, told the media that the Indian government’s efforts to alleviate extreme poverty, poverty will accelerate efforts to reduce the growing graph balance is required. They argued that it was not because of India to alleviate poverty around the world at the UN would not be achieved.


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