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Yemen Army Conflict

Yemen’s President Abdul Khalid Mansour Hadi and Prime Minister after the resignation of the government House is almost empty, troubled country in the form of armed conflict.

Yemen Army Conflict

According to media reports the Yemeni parliament to discuss the current political situation been convened a special meeting on Sunday. Presidential Sultan carnage resign before the Sunday meeting was very difficult for the members to come together. The rebels laid siege to the building of Parliament at night, while he was also a vengeance already sitting around the presidential palace, militia gunmen and snipers Defense Intelligence Agency chief Mahmoud El Ahmadi houses of action are specifically for surround.

The rebels welcomed the resignation of President Hadi to rule the establishment of a council is demanding. British media reported that Abu al-Houthi rebel leader Joseph alfysy the ruling council will include Yemen. The the Yemeni capital Sanaa residents Shiite Houthi in several areas, demonstrations, marches] GCC. Shiite Houthi rebels against these rallies organized by the group was alrfa.


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