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5,523 Female Teaching Jobs through Ministry in KSA Last Date 27 Sep, 2016

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Ministry of Civil Services call for university graduates to advance on (5,523) and educational function.

Called on the Ministry of Civil Service in collaboration with the Ministry of Education graduates who wish to apply for educational functions in the stages of public education who have degrees and disciplines identified are available to have evidence disciplines issued by the Ministry of Education for the positions covered by Regulation teaching jobs (women) and that of women with a university degree from various universities or accredited colleges inside or outside the Kingdom.


The total number of educational functions (5523) function fifth level of Educations and fourth non Alterbuaat in the case of non – payment requirement Baltrbuyat according to the list of educational functions dedicated as follows:

Kindergartens – 691

Phase Primary – 1,458

Phase Medium – 1,792

Phase Secondary – 1,582

Total Overall- 5,523

Ministry of Civil Service and explained that the trade – off educational Jobs by levels of education and qualifications and specializations according to disciplines guide issued by the Ministry of Education (attached announcement).

First: the requirement for advanced educational functions of the following:

1. Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college.
2. Pass the test parameters efficiencies of the year both parts and specialized disciplines as evidence.
3 for sale . To be a degree of specialization and are included in the declaration.
4 for sale . Degrees and arrange preference was determined according to the provisions of disciplines guide issued by the Ministry of Education. .
5. Decision of the equation of the Ministry of Education Crops on academic qualifications from outside the UK.
6. Not be advanced occupy an official post entry – level scientific degrees obtained.

Second dates apply for educational functions:

Filing period and the corresponding functions education for women:

The time of application is from 20-12-1437 AH to 26-12-1437 AH

Corresponding to the date of filters – Within a week of the end of the presentation

Apply for jobs in the educational Internet linkONLINE REGISTRATION or visit

System opens to apply for teaching jobs at nine in the morning on Wednesday approved 20-12-1437 AH and ends with a presentation twelve o’clock pm on Tuesday, 26-12-1437 AH.

Third: the target groups to announce education:

1. The first priority of Educations from a qualified undergraduate universities campaign or accredited colleges or non Educations Crops on Education Diploma from an accredited training committee and scholarship for civil servants educational institutions.

2. The second priority is Educations from a qualified undergraduate universities campaign or accredited colleges.

3 for sale . The third priority of University Women Alterbuaat Crops qualification through affiliation.

Fourth , apply for teaching jobs for women: Mechanism

1. Entry on the merit system and ensure the validity of data and if there is any difference is to file an objection to allow re – examined in the case of advanced health data is pushed to apply for a job advertising icon, with the assurance that in the event of non validity of the data will be excluded even if issued appointment decision, The Ministry of civil Service the right to be sued before the Board of grievances.

2. Determine the willingness to engage Declaration by marking in the box provided in the application.

3 for sale . Determine the wishes of the spatial order of priority by the developed through a choice of educational job advertised.

4 for sale . Applicants who do not conform to the headquarters of the educational job advertised with their wishes spatial them not signaling your desire to enter the box to the Declaration and not to determine the wishes of any spatial, where the nomination is linked Palmaqrat identified and developed in accordance with the trade – off. By

5. Anyone advanced can choose to print the Order Summary by printing Order Summary and retain an icon where you will not accept any review or inquiry or complaint by the Ministry of Civil Service, or the Department of Education without attach a summary of the application to be the date printed preceding the date of the end of the submission period specified.

Fifth: General NOTES:

1. were created Ministry of Civil Service in the position when dealing with the merits of instructions and guidance model through ( the most common questions, instructions on the level of each field of the detailed model) and stresses the importance of reading the instructions and the instructions before starting to fill in the application in order to avoid falling into the errors that may affect the nomination stage.

2. Date of graduation in a document Degree must precede the end date of the trade – offs 26/12/1437 AH.

3 for sale . The general diploma in education complement the scientific educational degree is so that it is not educationally Crops grant him any additional points of differentiation points.

4 for sale . To determine the spatial desires by developed along with the elements of differentiation of paramount importance in the advanced maturity of the nomination or not for that and the Ministry of Civil Service show that the nomination is linked only declared Palmaqrat, so advanced when determining the desires and spatial order of priority based on the detailed announcement according to article stage and headquarters , and the number of jobs available

5. The ministry will declare the names of candidates through its website so it emphasizes the need for follow – up names that will be invited through a portal on the Internet: WWW.MCS.GOV.SA .

6. On of their names will be announced to take assets matching documents when auditing any of the branches or offices of the ministry for the purpose of matching the data and did not review the required documents or assets not completed it during the given period, it is considered Tla desire for employment.

7. Call for matching, does not mean filtration, filtration is a trade – off after the final after matching.

For the job advertised stages (kindergarten, elementary, middle, and secondary) and guide disciplines in the attached file below:

  1. Secondary needs women
  2. Women need average
  3. Primary needs women
  4. Women need kindergartens
  5. Disciplines guide

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