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5,523 Teaching Jobs attract more than 72,000 graduates in KSA

Saudi Arabia: More than 72,000 female graduates have been registered, through the Jadarah e-recruitment electronic system that is associated with the Ministory of Civil Services, against the 5,523 female teaching jobs during the last four days.


Applications acceptance was started by the ministry from the last wednesday, and it is extended to Tuesday from Sunday for all applicants.

The ministry’s spokesman Hamad Al-Muneif confirmed on his Twitter account that his ministry has no role in determining the quantity and quality of these jobs, and that its role is limited to filling the jobs that come to it from government bodies.

He added that the extension of the application period, which was supposed to end on Sunday, was in order to meet the wishes of applicants.

There are more number of educated girls than the vacant teaching positions. The number of graduates is increasing day by day as proportion to the jobs vacancies, added by the authorities. Teaching vacancies recruitment process will be started soon.


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