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8 Players Fined Including Shahid Afridi

Pakistan national cricket team player fined by the team management including Afridi and Ahmed Shahzad, 8 players were fined on reaching the hotel late at night.

8 Players Fined Including Shahid Afridi

According to foreign news agency based in Australia Pakistan cricket team is on the mission of world cup 2015, 8 players has been fined due to violation of discipline.

Shahid Afridi and Ahmed Shahzad’s including the 8 players delayed their arrival at hotel, the relevant players were out to dinner Sunday night and 45 minutes later than scheduled due to the hotel on the 300 Australian has been fined $.

All players on the team strongly warned the incident, saying that if any player has violated the discipline of the event back then and Pakistan will be shipped to the breach of discipline all players acknowledge the mistake and the management refused to commit to such a mistake.


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