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9 Zil Hajj 2015 Pilgrims Photos and Pictures

Oh Allah give me the opportunity to see your house and Medina and complete hajj and Umarah and accept it from me.

Today start the rituals of Hajj. May Allah make it easy for the millions of pilgrims and keep them safe. May He accept all their duas and wipe away all their sins. May everyone reading this post be blessed with the opportunity to make this trip once in their lifetime.

A reflection of what ‪#‎Hajj2015‬ is like so far:

Everyone here is in the mindset that they might die because of that crane incident. I’ve never seen everyone so focused in Hajj. It’s amazing how thinking of death more corrects our attitudes with Allah, our families, our friends, and just people in general. The companions thought of it daily without Ihram and cranes and that is part of what made them amazing people who had a healthy fear of Allah. May Allah give us all good endings. Ameen

Different photos and pictorial view Khana Kaba on 9th Zil Hajj 2015.

 Hajj 2015-1

Hajj 2015-2

Hajj 2015-3

Hajj 2015-4

Hajj 2015-6

Hajj 2015-7

Hajj 2015-8 (2)

Hajj 2015-8


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