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9 Zil-Hijjah 2016 Live from Mina and Arafat the Holy Sites Video

Mecca: Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims arrived in Makkah (Mecca), Saudi Arabia over the weekend from all over the world to perform the annual pilgrimage of Hajj this year 2k16.


Hajj is viewed as one of the Muslim Faith’s greatest acts of worship. Wearing the simple white folds of cloth prescribed for Hajj. Many men and women cried as they saw the Kaab. the Kaaba is located at the center of the grand mosque in Mecca. Security was tight to ansure the safety of the Mecca visitors.

About 1.5 million souls, different race, tribes, ages and nationalities yet dressed in the same attire, chanting the same words in the same language and heading to the same direction.#BeautyofHajj, #BeautyofIslam, #Hajj1437, #Hajj2016

May Allah accept your Hajj…Ameen!

Watch Live Transmission from Mecca, CLICK HERE.


A glimpse of the ‘tent city’ of Mina and the Holy Sites.
Video Courtesy: Saudi Gazette.



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