SAM: It is common and known to everybody that “An Idea Can Change Your Life”. Although, any blog on Top Ten (10) is not a unique idea but it is still effective. Your hard work and devotion can make it fruitful for you.

Many bloggers are already working on Top 10 blogs. But now, in 2018, I (Shakeel Ahmad) also want to test my luck on Top Ten (10) news/article blog. I am optimistic bout its success.

The name of my blog that I am going to start in coming few days is “Times of Top Ten” which could also be called as “TTT” or “Triple T“.

Logo and Cover Photo (Attached below) for website have been designed by me.



  1. To publish unique and interesting articles on Top Ten Things in the world
  2. Show the real picture of Top Ten Things for your assignments and office work
  3. Self-writing will ultimately improve my writing skill as well
  4. Publication of things that vary and upgraded time to time
  5. Development of List of Top 10 things – (country-wise and world-wise)

Following Areas will be covered (Worldwide and Country-wise):

  1. Animal
  2. Books
  3. Companies and Products
  4. Culture
  5. Education
  6. Foods
  7. Games
  8. Internet
  9. Lifestyle
  10. Movie
  11. People
  12. Sports
  13. Television
  14. World

Official Facebook page of “TTT” has been created and can be found from HERE.

Furthermore, suggestions and comments can be sent on ““. Thanks.

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