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Abhay Deol Upcoming Movie ‘Khushi Door hai’

Bollywood actor Abhay Deol and actress Diana paint film  I will manifest first as a duo. Panty director Mudassar Aziz Nobody Diana new movie ‘Khushi door hai’ I will shine on the silver screen as a pair.

Abhay Deol Upcoming Movie ‘Khushi Door hai’

Anand L Rai’s production house to become a new actor Abhay and Diana both after an interval are filming, Abhay’s last released film ‘Ranjana’ the year 2014 was released in the Diana movie ” cocktail ” after two years of release are featured in the film.

Roy told the filmmaker that although the film Nobody ‘Ranjana’ good acting, but the thirst remains in this role, the actor playing the always challenging and difficult to prove themselves from the beginning of his career he does not like the character Abhay wants different role, to challenge it with you to make sure it will be a difficult journey, she immediately this character will speak to. In the opinion taken the lead actress Diana told about paint is that this model has inspired them with his intelligence and confidence.

Creative director Mudassar Aziz, I also have the freedom to work that requires a director. Opinion maker of the film, the first name ” stretcher in Lahore, hedged and said something about something I do not want it. In response to a question about his future projects, said producer Roy super hit film ‘three uydz menu, working on the sequel and I want to do one film at a time. More information about the new movie feedback and just the beginning of the film shooting will start in the middle of this year.


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