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Afghan Agency Involvement Observed in Peshawar Attack

Pakistan’s intelligence agency in Peshawar in NDS are signs of involvement. Peshawar in the first few facts brought forward in Peshawar in the Afghan intelligence agency involvement hints. Express News program ” cue Jersey Ahmad Qureshi ‘host Ahmed Qureshi revealed that Afghanistan’s intelligence agency NDS (National Directorate of Security) operating in Pakistan and Pakistan’s support for terrorist organizations, probably in Peshawar in his hand.

Afghan Agency Involvement Observed in Peshawar Attack

I have joined. NDS was built in 2002, the United States, NDS amrallh Saleh, who was the first head was the most anti-Pakistan from India conducted its training. Due to complaints from Pakistan amrallh Saleh was removed in 2010, Hamid Karzai, the Afghan-Pakistan relations are improving, but the issue is whether the Afghan NDS trying to spoil relations is.

There are still some indications that NDS, is in contact with TTP. Former Interior Minister Rehman Malik said that our friendship with Afghanistan and Pakistan is essential for peace in the region. Unfortunately, Afghanistan’s intelligence operations against terrorists, we do not cooperate with those who are involved in terrorism in Pakistan they ran on their continued support to the Afghan intelligence, after the December 16 incident Fazlullah compassion is entitled to any person who gives shelter to Afghanistan and then to be understood.

Other than that there Faqir Mohammad, the Afghan president appeals to their intelligence agencies to explain to us what the terrorists. US sdrafgan ask the President of Pakistan terrorists, including Mullah Fazlullah hand. He said that the abuse of UN senior officer was kidnapped in Balochistan. Our intelligence to trace a call stating that red goat is sick and Pakistan, where the government has known that we have been told on the phone that they be kusft.

be specified. Anne Patterson called trace the calls received them, he said, we are talking to Afghanistan after 4 hours the telephone was silent, then we Marri contacted some of my friends jnhhn brahmdak Bugti influence on the use and abuse so we were told that the hospital 2 days later you will find out.

In that case, it was clear that none brahmdak Bugti who was president himself. Brahmdak Bugti in Pakistan still would like to come, by the grace of God our ISI of Pakistan is bhrpurslahyt enemies to answer. All the action are still in their NDS and Indian agencies are involved. Especially in Kandahar province of Afghanistan to train people found evidence NDS is understanding amongst Indian agencies. Terrorism issue can not be resolved until that time will not sit Afghanistan and Pakistan against the zaliman we are not united.


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