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Ali Baba Tea Campaign Launched in China

China’s citizens will enjoy the well prepared tea at there doorsteps on just a phone call. Yes, China’s online service “Ali Baba” is now just a phone call at home, company people will bring the tea to home and the tea with the help of aerial delivery company has successfully tested success.

Ali Baba Tea Campaign Launched in China

The company announced after the successful experience of the test delivery of the three major cities in the Chinese capital, Beijing, Shanghai online delivery in a few areas will be launched.

Test during delivery company drone black and silver color cups, on customer’s order delivered to there house. Cart with small drone that flies in the air, which was shaped box is placed in the Delivery order arrived a few minutes later comes the customer.

However, China’s online commerce company “Ali Baba” is the nation’s largest online service, and last year the New York Stock Exchange, the world’s largest online business was named to the company.


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