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Alternate of facebook “muslimface” will be launched soon

In order to keep in mind the huge Muslim population in the world the alternate of facebook “muslimface” will be launched soon for Muslims

As you know that in this advanced era the social media is capturing prosperity very rapidly.Almost each person is keen to have an account on social media sites like facebook, twitter and Linkedin which keeps them aware from the recent trends and issues going on in the world.

From the last decade facebook is attaining a dominant place in the social media and have a very strong position in the market also. Mostly western culture and traditions are dominant on facebook. Keeping in view this situation some Muslim businessmen has decided to launch “muslimface” as an alternative of facebook where people can talk with each other under the rules and regulations defined by the Islam.

muslim face

There will be strictness in the publication of any post which will be hit to any religion especially Islam. Before it’s launching it will be checked on 1000 users to see any technical and working faults. Owners of this social connection have said that this service will be helpful for Muslims which will connect to each other and share their feelings. The muslimface also be available for non-Muslims in order to see the harmony and brotherhood between the Muslims which helps them to embrace Islam. Initially the muslimface will be available in English, Arabic, Urdu and French languages.


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