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Amazing Incident Happened in Cricket Ground

Cricket loving bird Siegel keeps turning in most of the matches, but sometimes he’d have died under the hair and has never hurt when it happened again shot the ball batsman in Australia seagull flying in the air, he felt dizzy and fell to the ground shortly after take her eyes.

Amazing Incident Happened in Cricket Ground

She can die in your love letters on the cricket hairs never hesitate Siegel warrants but cricket grounds in Australia with thousands of spectators enjoyed the game, but the Melbourne County in the Big Bash match series applied to the batsman hits the atmosphere and absorbed in the short flight to Siegel he was falling to the ground unconscious.

Few moments later, there was a sudden movement in the Siegel and they stood on their feet, then lift the whole stadium erupted in cheers and loud applause by the grant awarded.

Ground Melbourne’s administration after making sure that no injury to Siegel was left nearby park where he was taken once again began to fly in the air.


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