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Apply for an ESSAY COMPETITION 2016 by ICRC in Pakistan Before 10th NOV

The International Committee of the Red Cross Pakistan (ICRC) delegation in Pakistan is pleased to announce a bilingual Essay Competition for the year 2016.

The topic is;

“The growing trend of violence perpetrated by patient relatives in health-care settings – why?”


How to submit your ESSAY?

  1. Submission Guidelines: Submissions that pursue a political agenda, or vilify, demean or discriminate against a particular group of people on any basis whatsoever will not be judged favorably.
  2. Each participant shall be permitted to submit only one individual entry; joint entries shall not be permitted.
  3. All submissions must be the original work of the participants; plagiarism will result in automatic disqualification.
  4. The submission should not have previously been submitted for any other publication or for any other competition.
  5. The deadline for submission is 10th November 2016 by 24:00 (PST).
  6. Submissions will however be accepted till three days after the deadline, with a penalty of 2 marks/day.
  7. The word limit for each submission is 5,000 words (excluding footnotes).

Submissions in PDF format shall be emailed as an attachment to Aezaz-Ur-Rahman at with a copy to Najum-ul-Saqib Iqbal at

The SUBJECT OF E-MAIL shall be: ‘Essay Competition Submission 2016’.

Each submission shall include the writer’s name, email address, contact phone number and occupation.


  1. 1st Prize Rs. 80,000
  2. 2nd Prize Rs. 60,000

In addition, the winners will also be awarded certificates and souvenirs.

Marking Criteria:

Each submission shall be marked out of a total of 100 marks.

The marking criteria for the entries shall be as follows:-

  • Ingenuity/Originality 30 Marks
  • Quality of Research 25 Marks
  • Structure and Clarity 25 Marks
  • English/Grammar 10 Marks
  • Presentation and Formatting 10 Marks


The competition is OPEN TO EVERYONE including:

  1. University students of all disciplines (current or former)
  2. Medical practitioners
  3. Government officials
  4. Officials associated with think tanks or international


  1. Journalists
  2. Volunteers and officials associated with NGOs and INGOs
  3. Development professionals and philanthropists


The jury will consist of representatives of the ICRC. Their decision shall be final. Prize winners shall be notified by email no later than 10th December 2016.

Copyright: All the entries shall be the property of the ICRC. The ICRC reserves the right to publish the entries in any manner as it may deem appropriate, without providing any royalty or compensation.

Deadline for the submissions: 10th November 2016




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