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Armed French police forced a Muslim woman to undress

France: The Muslim women that can be seen in the video was forced to undress by armed French police on a beach in Nice. They made her remove her long-sleeved shirt. She’s not the first victim of the burqini ban.

Siam was wearing a headscarf and leggings so police fined her for not “respecting good morals and secularism.”

“My children were crying. Today, they forbid me from going to the beach. Tomorrow it will be the street. we are women. We are adults. We are consenting women. And ifthe headscarf is a personal choice, andif women want to wear it, why stop them?”

Fifteen French towns have banned full-body beachwear. The right-wing mayor of cannes called them a “symbol of Islamic extremism.”

Anyone stopped by police could face a fine of $43.

The police officers went towards her not because she did something, but they targeted her for what she is. The rule of law is being replaced by the rule of openions if not the rule of prejudice. When ISIL says: “They are persecuting Muslims, they are treating them as second class citizens, they are giving credits to the theories of (ISIS) that Muslims in the west are not home. Is the government conscious that they are helping ISIL to recruit new people, said by Yasser Louati.

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