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Beginning of Hajj 2014 from today

Makka Mukarramah: Hajj is being launched today. Mini-tent city has been settled. More than two million Muslim pilgrims on Friday will play the part of the minister ‘Arafah.

Happiness watches came close. Hajj rituals will begin from today. Lakhs Pune banned reached more than two million Pakistanis.

This money will go to the tent city. After spending the entire day and night in Mina on Friday will be played Arafah Hajj Prime members.

Zuhr and Asr prayers together will be paid. The next stage will be to Muzdalifah after Maghrib. Where the presence of God and the forgiveness of sins and praise will be spent.

After the Fazar Prayer on Ten Zil Hajj the pilgrims will move to Mina.


Pilgrims, after hitting the stone to the devil, will sacrifice in the cause of Allah. Then the pilgrims will shave their heads and open the Ihram clothing. Then they will be in normal regular cloths.


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