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Brightness Journey of Lifeline Express 2018

Karachi: Chinese medical team will operate 500 cataract surgeries for local Pakistani patients free of charge in Karachi in January 2018.

China is a good friend of Pakistan. Both countries respect each other’s cultural norms and etiquette. Many Pakistani students are getting MBBS education from public universities/colleges in China. Besides MBBS, many students are doing PhD and Master in different fields under Chinese Government Scholarships. This shows Love of China to Pakistan. One of the major and important projects between these two countries is CPEC. Which is a life changing project. Both countries will be benefited through this project. We wish a better future to Pak-China friendship.

In addition, this news also shows a lovely attitude of Chinese doctors towards the people of Pakistan. We welcome them and hope they will follow the rules and regulations of Pakistan.

Brightness Journey of Lifeline Express 2018:


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