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Butchers rates on Eid Ul Azha 2015 touches sky

As Eid Ul Azha 2015 is event of sacrifice and demand of butchers is increased on these days. If you bought a cattle for sacrifice, don’t think that you made sacrifice because you have to hire butcher for completion of your sacrifice.

butcher price

Some people are waiting hours for butchers but due to extra load they are not available, and if someone fortunately gets them then their rates are so high that you could amaze. This report will update you that what are the rates of butcher in different cities of Pakistan.  The rate of butcher is different for different cattle. Prices are given below,

For Sheep/Goat Sacrifice butchers rate:        2000-4000 rupees

For bull/Cow sacrifice butchers rate:            5000-10000 rupees

For Camel sacrifice butchers rate:                  15000 rupees


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