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Canadian woman came to Hafizabad, Pakistan to marry with her Facebook friend

HAFIZABAD- A Canadian woman came all the way to Hafizabad, Pakistan to tie the knot with her soulmate, she met him online on social networking website Facebook.

Agnetha from Canada and Qaiser Abbas from Hafizabad, Pakistan became friends on Facebook a year ago. However, soon this friendship turned into something a little more and they fell for each other unconditionally.

According to Qaiser Abbas, “I proposed her and asked her to marry me in Pakistan. She agreed to my proposal, converted to Islam and we married each other.”

Agnetha has been given a new name of Aisha and she is extremely happy with her decision. “I am happy to come to Pakistan and extremely overwhelmed by the warm welcome I received from everyone. All that Qaiser had previously shared with me about Pakistan’s culture and its people proved to be absolutely true,” she said.


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