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Carvans Led by Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Heading Towards Adda Chowk Raiwind

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is showing their power against corrupt politicans today at Adda Plot (Raiwind) by protesting against the alleged corruption of of leaders of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz. Chairman Imran Khan will deliver his thoughts over corruptions and prevailing situation security issue there.

Today, local leadership of PTI was present at Zaman Park for the PTI Jalsa strategy. Furthermore, children gathered at Zaman park to show their solidarity with the Ehtesaab March.

The PTI Jalsa is being broadcast onlien by Insaf TV and all live feeds are available there.

Thousands of people have been arriving at the gathering and some are on the way. The same can be seen on GT road.


Multan: Barister Waseem Khan is leading the carvan from Multan. He represents Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf from PP 198.


Okara: Ashraf Khan leading the people of Okara to Lahore for PTI Jalsa today.


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