Solved MCAT Entry Test 2017 Leaked: Sold for 50k to 100k in Lahore

Lahore: MCAT entry test 2017 was leaked and sold by senior medical students and different academies in Lahore that made the students helpless. Admission test for Medical and Dental Colleges in Punjab was held on 20th August, 2017. It is reported by local news outlets that the entry exam was solved and leaked to students through various academies and senior medical students. The paper, in a short passage of time,

A man caught a couple red handed doing romance in Pindi Jinnah Park

Rawalpindi: Jinnah Park is located on the jail road and houses a McDonald’s franchisee and Cinepax exhibition centre in Rawalpindi, a city of Punjab, Pakistan. Many reports have been published before this video on dating in Jinnah Park, Rawalpindi. Here, we are sharing another incidence captured by anonymous in which a couple is doing romance in open sky without any fear. A man captured their video and after a short clip

University of Lahore (UoL) student claims gang-rape

Lahore: A student from University of Lahore (UoL) has alleged gang-rape. She has filed a case against his classfellow student of raping her and then aborting the pregnancy by forcing her. The victim stated in her FIR that she was a student at the English department and became friend with an engineering student named Ishtiaq at the same university. She was met him on December 10, 2015 for the first

Supermodel Ayyan arrested for ‘Smuggling’ $500,000

RAWALPINDI: Custom authorities captured model and performing artist Ayyan from Islamabad air terminal on Saturday purportedly for Money Laundering, Private News Channel reported. Video: Supermodel Ayyan has been arrested for ‘Smuggling’ $500,000. Ayyan was gotten with $500,000 which she was professedly pirating to Dubai. The supermodel has been sent on a 14-day legal remand to Adiala prison. Further, an exceptional traditions court has conceded a request looking for Ayyan’s safeguard. Ayyan was

Scandals of Nigeria’s Jonathan brushes off to lead 2015 election

ABUJA: Not many presidents could survive three multi-billion dollar government oil corruption scandals and a wave of cold-blooded killings and kidnappings of civilians by Islamist militants still holding hundreds of schoolgirls after six months. Nigeria’s president Good-luck Jonathan has not only survived, he will seek reelection in February stronger than ever, after five years in a job no one expected him to get. Jonathan’s support base within the ruling party

Sharmeela Farooqi dance on PPP karachi jalsa to welcome Bilawal

Karachi jalsa preparation was on the way when Sharmeela Farooqi set a programme at her home. She arranged a function at her home before the jalsa in Karachi where woman gathered and enjoyed the gathering. For dance video scroll down: Woman and girls who participated in that function, arranged by Sharmila Farooqi, makes party flag on their faces and also makes Mehndi designs on their hands as well. During party function patriotic songs

Stage actress Priya Khan Received obscene dance notice

Lahore (PNP address): Actress Nida Chaudhry monitoring team after the drama actress Priya Khan issued notices to the obscene dance drama. Juma night monitoring team porn actress Priya Khan issued notice to Dance, Musical Theater Priya Khan displayed at the stage drama “fun Gate” are performed.   لاہور (ویب ڈیسک) اداکارہ ندا چوہدری کے بعد ڈرامہ مانیٹرنگ ٹیم نے اداکارہ پریا خان کو بھی فحش رقص کرنے پر نوٹس جاری کردیا۔جمعہ