Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri's Speech on 34th Milad Conference - 30th November and 1st December, 2017

The 34th Milad Conference will take place at Minar e Pakistan, Lahore on 30th November and 1st December, 2017. Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri’s Speech is one of the important segment of the Milad Conference. The Minahj ul Quran International will host the event at Minar e Pakistan. Thousands of Muslims attend the event in this annual Milad Conference. The speech of Dr. Tahir ul Qadri will be available right after his speech

Watch "Maalik" Full Pakistani Movie in HD Print by Ashir Azeem

After a great stress and initially banned by Pakistani government, the movie “Maalik” directed and produced by Ashir Azeem has been on-aired and available online now. Ashir made a huge effort for his movie to make it clear by sensor board and finally he did it. He wins the case and ban has lifted from his movie”Maalik”. The theme of the movie is related to the political situation in Pakistan

A man caught a couple red handed doing romance in Pindi Jinnah Park

Rawalpindi: Jinnah Park is located on the jail road and houses a McDonald’s franchisee and Cinepax exhibition centre in Rawalpindi, a city of Punjab, Pakistan. Many reports have been published before this video on dating in Jinnah Park, Rawalpindi. Here, we are sharing another incidence captured by anonymous in which a couple is doing romance in open sky without any fear. A man captured their video and after a short clip

Man tortured for 'stealing' car battery in Gujranwala

Gujranwala: A teenage being beaten by two persons that can be seen from the video given below, just because of a misplaced car battery. It is reported that the guy, that is being torched by some gentlemen, has stolen a car battery. The video attached below has gone viral on social media in very short time after its uploading. It is a kind of self investigation without any involvement of

Live Stream: PTI Jalsa Parade Ground Islamabad 02.11.16

Imran Khan has set a live Jalsa at Parade Ground Islamabad today on 2nd November, 2016 in the celebration of PTI’s success “Thanks Giving Day”. Live Streaming After the announcement of Supreme Court regarding the accountability of Prime Minister and all other names that have come under corruption case, Pakistani Tehreek Insaf Chairman Inmran Khan cancel the 2nd November Dharna and renamed it with Jalsa for celebration of victory. Now,

Watch How Islamabad Police arrested Dr. Arif Alvi from Bani Gala?

Shocked as how Punjab Police arrested & manhandled Dr. Arif Alvi from Bani Gala – watching the video we notice that he might be injured as they slammed the vehicle door on his fingers and then pushed him hard into the can and may have bumped his head hard. But he continued to chant – “PAKISTAN JETAY GA” – INSHA’ALLAH. Sharing is Caring0

Watch How Sheikh Rasheed arrives at Committee Chowk on a motorcycle Video

Whole Pindi was surrounded by police for arresting #SheikhRasheed while he came and gone like a Boss. Sheikh Rasheed was said that he will be at Committee Chowk at 3 O’Clock and he was there on time. He proves his statement. Here you can watch, how Seikh Rasheed join the Jalsa at Committee Chowk. Second Video Clip: Sheikh Rasheed Pays Thanks through twitter and FB to his fans, party workers

PPP "Salam Shuhda Rally": Qamar Zaman Qaira’s dance

“If these demands are not met, I will announce long march against the government on December 27 in Garkhi Khuda Bakhsh,” Bilawal said. “Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is taking Pakistan towards devastation. I have changed Sindh and will bring a change to Punjab as well with the help of masses,” Bilawal said. Public Comment on Video “You give sacrifices not for the common man but to increase your wealth, to