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Centaurus Mall Started Charging Rs. 500 for Entry

The management of Centaurus Mall started charging Rs. 500 for entry just to reduce the non-shopping entrants into the mall. The management of Centaurus Mall termed these persons ans “Bachelors / Forced Bachelors” but on heavy criticism on this step, they have reverted their decision to previous level.

In a press release today, they stated as:

The Centaurus Mall being the pioneer and till to date the biggest Mall of Islamabad is visited by all segments, tiers and age brackets of the society. The Mall besides providing them the best environment for shopping and entertainment also endures to ensure their comfortability level while at the venue. The heavy footfall and influx of families warranted few steps to be taken in order to make the esteemed customers comfortable. Over a period of time, it was not only observed but also reported by the
customers that all those bachelors/forced bachelors who visit the Centaurus without families as a non-buying clients create an environment of discomfort for the family oriented serious clients who exclusively come for shopping and eat outs at the food court. In order to curtail this tendency and discourage the non-buyers visitors especially on important occasions, entry coupon was introduced for an amount of Rs
500.00 non-refundable. This factor has only ensured that whoever visits the Centaurus Mall does the shopping and does not visit The Centaurus for loitering and unwanted activities.

These days, on receipts of complaints on introduction to the said policy and owing to the concern of our valued clients/customers/visitors, The Centaurus Management has decided to revert to normal practice.

“Pindi Boys” used to visit the Centaurus Mall for a source of entertainment but it has been observed that the families and shoppers were disturbed by such people.

It has been learnt the entry coupon of Rs. 500 was for Eid ul Azha when a lot number of people visit the shopping  malls and this step ensured only genuine shoppers and families to the mall.

The mall started charging entry coupon of Rs. 100 back in 2015 which was increased to Rs. 300 (adjustable in bill) in 2017.


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