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Clarification of baseless news story about expulsion of Preston University Student

CLARIFICATION of Publishing / Airing of Baseless News Story about Expulsion of Preston University Student

A segment of the print and electronic media have published/aired a baseless story about a student of Preston University being expelled for chanting a slogan `Go Nawaz Go’ at a University function.

Student’s Words: I am Zakie Zahid, student of BBA 4th smester, Registration Number 1411-113017. On September 23, 2014, I chanted a slogan “GO NAWAZ GO” at a function held at Preston University in which Mr. Ahsan lqbal (Federal Minister of Planning and Development) was speaking as Chief Guest. After this, the print and electronic media, including the social media launched a campaign against the university saying that ” I have been expelled from the university for raising the “GO NAWAZ GO” slogan. I wish to confirm that I have not been expelled from the university and I am regularly attending my classes”. Whatever is being said in the print, electron-ic and social media about my expulsion from the university is totally untrue.

Zakie Zahid 4th Semester,

BBA Preston University Islamabad

The fact is that even though the student did chant the said slogan, he was never expelled, rusticated or suspended. He is regularly attending classes at the University.

Preston University takes serious note of the baseless story being published/aired without ever making any effort to contact the University management for their opinion on the matter, which is a fundamental principle of journalism.

Relevant media channels/newspapers are expected in the interest of justice to announce a correction of the news story wrongly reported earlier.
We believe in democratic values and we recognize the democratic rights of all citizens of Pakistan. However, we believe that publishing/airing of a story without verifying its accuracy is viola-tion of the norms of fairness and justice.

We reiterate for the information of public at large that the concerned student was never suspended or expelled by the University.

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