China-Pakistan Economic Corridor “CPEC” is not just a name of any single road project rather it’s a portfolio of projects which include Gwadar Port, energy, infrastructure and industrial zones. It will connect Gwadar port with Khunjrab through Western, Central and Eastern routes to be executed simultaneously.

There is no change in original plan of CPEC. Industrial zones will be Set up in all the provinces. Elected government is committed to completing the western route on priority basis till December 2016.


Salient Features:

  1. 16,400 MW additional electricity through coal, hydel, wind and solar energy;
  2. 2400 km trade corridor between kashghar (China) and Gawadar through different routes;
  3. Upgradation and modernization of Karachi-peshawar railway track (ML-1);
  4. Establishmient of new economic zones in all 4 provinces and regions;
  5. Development of port infrastructure and construction of new airports at Gawader

Exposing the Reality of Western Route CPEC::

Eastern & Central Routes of CPEC are already skipping the smaller provinces, shockingly the ruling Government has changed the initially approved course of Western Route as well, which was formerly meant to pass through Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, will now be only ‘Touching’ 2 regions of KP.


Ideal Western Route v/s Changed Western Route of CPEC::

Instead of passing the Western Route through the undeveloped regions of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa & FATA, the Federal Government changed the route of Western Route of CPEC by diverting it to Punjab, from where Eastern & Central routes were already passing by.

Western Route was meant to pass through KP, but now it’ll touch only 10-15% of KP regions.


Is Western Route really passing through Khyber Pakhtunkhwa? Is Western Route really meant to enable the regions of KP to benefit from the Multi-Billion Dollars project?

We have got some Facts regarding the so-called Western Route from the official Facebook page of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. Please have a look.

Public Feedback::

“I belogs from Punjab and I am in the support of western route that actually passes through Balochistan and KPK. Not only me but many other residents of Punjab are supporting the western rout, said by Syed Umar“.

“Every province should be benefited equally by this game changing plan, said by Shakeel Ahmad Mughal“.

“KPK and Balochistan are also Pakistan, so government should not ignore them, said by Ali Shahzad“.

“The Western Ideal Route would go through least developed areas of the country, it would not only bring prosperity to the people but also reduce the tribal mentality and talibanisation in these areas; thus unifying the people. This is either something the dumb & corrupt government of Nawaz can not understand or they are not willing to let happen, said by Ali Ditta”.

~A Short Video Report on CPEC-Recommended~

Note: We would like to hear from Public regarding this hype that KPK and Baluchistan are being neglected by Federal government in CPEC. Please do your comments and share your thoughts in comment box.

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