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Dead bodies found from Malaysian jet

World News: (July 20, 2014) the dead bodies are discovered from the heap of Malaysian jet the number of these dead bodies are 186. A governmental render Andre Laconic said that in the morning of 19 July at 7 am the 186 dead bodies were discovered. He also said that this area is perimeter on 25 square kilometers in which 18 kilometer is searched and in this area 186 dead bodies are discovered.

malaysian jet

After the blast of jet the international inquiries demands show on the surface. The American President Barak Obama said that, the passenger jet crash by shot attack. The minister of transport of Malaysian expresses assurance that the Russian government gave us all facilities to ascend the area of jet blast.

The government of Russia gave all responsibility of this event to Ukraine government.Minister Leo tuning Lie also agree with this report that the passenger jet blast by shot attack. This jet was blast in east region of Ukraine near the boundary of Russia.


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