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Death toll increases in India due to Swine Flu

In India due to Swine Flu 1041 people are died and this death toll being increased day by day

According to the correspondent recently 36 more people are died due to swine flu hence the total number of mortalities due to swine flu are 1041 whereas 19 thousand people are infected with this virus till now.

Keeping in view this situation Government of India has implemented Clause 144 in the Gujrat city of India and there will be no public gathering in this region. The India most famous Bollywood Actress “Sonam Kapoor” is also became victim of Swine flu. She was shifted in the hospital yesterday where doctors diagnosis H1N1 type of swine flu in Sonam Kapoor.

swine flu

Rajisthan and Gujrat areas of India are on the top where swine flu is being spread rapidly. According to the weather department coming rainy season will increase the intensity of swine flu in these areas. So it is advised to all people that do not participate in the public gatherings which is serious cause of spread of swine flu.


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