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Diets which makes your heart strong

As you know the rate of heart diseases are increased now a days due to over use of fast food and high level of cholesterol present in the foods which we are using in our daily diets. Keeping in view the critical situation we have to use some leafy vegetables and some other diets which are mentioned below in order to get rid from heart diseases.

Leafy Vegetables:

Fresh Vegetables aids in prevention of heart diseases. According to medical experts fresh leafy vegetables helps in smooth flow of blood, prevents from blood clotting, improves blood circulation in the body. These vegetables have less fats, more calories and dietary fibers. Apart from that these vegetables have rich in folic acid, magnesium, calcium and potassium which help in many functions of heart. According to report if you eat only one vegetable in a day the chances of heart diseases is minimized up to 11%.

some diets which makes your hearts strong

Use of malt:

Specialist said that malt is highly nutritious and healthy breakfast which prevent from many heart diseases. It contains beta glucan which lower the cholesterol level and increases the soluble fibers.

Use of Cereals:

Wheat, Pearl millets and pulses not only a healthy foods but also contains natural fibers and vitamins which are very essential for heart. This diet contains magnesium, anti oxidants which makes heart strong and lower the blood pressure in the body.

Apart from that use of Olive Oil, tomatoes, apple and almond are those foods which are very important for heart and we have to use them in daily foods.


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