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Don’t use shampoo daily for your hairs: Research

According to the new research on the health of hair it is recommended that daily use of shampoo for hairs leads to weak and dandruff hairs

Scientist from the New York who were studying on the health of hairs that how we can improve the health of our hairs said that daily use of shampoo during bathing is injurious for hairs health. Excess use of shampoo may leads towards damaged and weak hairs.

As we all well aware that when we take bath daily we commonly use shampoo so that dust and dandruff could be removed from hairs. But excess use of shampoo leads accumulation of sulphates and other chemicals in the hairs which could be injurious for hairs.


New research in this field revealed that we should use shampoo after 2 or 3 days instead of using daily. Scientist also suggests that in order to ensure that dust is removed from hair, simply wash hairs with water thoroughly. Hence dust from your hairs will be removed and your hairs will be silky and shiny.


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