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Download NPHP Registration Form in PDF

Naya Pakistan Housing Programme registrations process is going to started from 22nd October, 2018. To apply for NPHP you can download the application form from the link given below.

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NPHP is a project of Govt. of Pakistan that would be led under the kind leadership of hounorable prime minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan. Prime minister has already been inaugurated this programme and advised the concerned authorities to make it possible within available resources.

Govt is going to built new five-million houses in its next five year regime. The houses will be given to the families having their income below 25000 in a month.

All applications will be gone through a strict scrutiny and the houses will be disbursed to a family on merit after fulfilling the eligibility criteria.

You may submit your application after 22nd October till 21st December, 2018.


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