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Download Registration Forms for Grade 5 & Grade 8 Examination 2016

Online Registration for Grade 5 (Class-5) and Grade 8 (Class-8) has been started and their registration forms are available for download now.


There are separate Forms available for registration of Grade 5 and Grade 8. There are separate Forms available for Public School Students and Private School Students.

A separate Form is also available for Private Student who wants to appear in the examination independently.

Registration Forms for Public School and Private School Student’s consist of two pages one is form ‘A’ (for School’s information) and second one is Form ‘B’ (for student’s information) both must be downloaded and filled in carefully and must be submitted to respective ECC/CTSC.

Note: These Forms are designed to be printed on A4 paper. Please read all instructions before filling any form.


Public School Registration Forms:

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[wpdm_package id=’5423′]

Private School Registration Forms:

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[wpdm_package id=’5428′]

Private Candidate Registration Form:

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Public School Registration Forms:

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[wpdm_package id=’5435′]

Private School Registration Forms:

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[wpdm_package id=’5439′]

Private Candidate Registration Form:

[wpdm_package id=’5441′]


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