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ECP Releases Election 2013 Online Results Provincial Assembly Candidates

Election 2013 reults of National and Provincial Assembly Candidates. You are watching and looking for Results of NA and provincial results. National Assembly and provincial assembly candidates for election 2013, results and candidates are given at this page. Not directly but indirectly by links. PML-N, PTI, PPP, PMLQ, JUI and all other parties candidates results. Every contestant is hoping for its success. Pakistan is on the edge of a big change. No doubt Pakistan needs a change. We Pakistani Public and our politicians are on the way to change this corrupt system of Pakistan. A journey of Change which has started a couple of months ago will end on 11th of this month. Our political parties are very excited in now-a-day to change Pakistan and form a new Pakistan which will totally free from corruption, electricity load shedding, unemployment etc. Pakistan is passing from very critical situation. Our green and beautiful land is under many crises. We pray for better Pakistan and May ALLAH give us again a beautiful and such a homeland which free from all sins.

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May Allah Almighty make our country healthy, wealthy and strong, Ameen!. I will never lose hope. I have faith in ALLAh and Jinnah’s Pakistan.


Click on desired assembly for ECP final results

National Assembly Results

Province Punjab Result

Province KPK Result

Province Sindh Result

Province Balochistan Result

PTI Candidate number of Votes:—–?——PLM-N Candidate number of Votes: ———-?——-PML-Q Candidate number of Votes —-?——-PPP Candidate number of Votes: ———-?——JUI Candidate number of Votes:——–?—–MQM Candidate number of Votes:—–?———ANP Candidate number of Votes: ——–?——TTP Candidate number of Votes:———?——-Others Parties Candidate number of Votes:——-?———–.


Results Updated. Click on upper given links for results.


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