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Either I Should Join the King Saud University for my Higher Studies or NOT?

King Saud University is a renowned university located in Riyadh city of Saudi Arabia. It is the University which was founded at first in Saudi Arabia in 1957.

Different departments of the University offer scholarships in Master and PhD degrees through Deanship of Graduate Studies.


Now the questions are Should I Join KSU? and Why Should I NOT Join KSU?

For the answers of these two questions lets we turn to our worthy seniors of KSU and ask them what and how they answer these questions.

Dear Seniors,

It is requested that please record your precious views regarding the “Study at KSU-Riyadh” through our E-Mail (E-Mail ID: or you may comment below.

We will share your comment by your name here on this page. And this activity will definitely help the many students internationally.

We, a team of PakNewsPage.Com, really need some time (about 5 to 10 minutes) from your busy schedule. And we are very much positive about your response.

Best Regards,

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~~~Read the valuable comments of KSU Students/Researchers~~~


~Mr. Hafiz Saqib Khan~ (From PAK)

(PhD Research Fellow at KSU)

Yes, if someone get a scholarship at King Saud University then he should avail the opportunity. According to my experience, its one of the good place for increasing scientific knowledge and research skill, especially for Ph.D. studies.

I shall Recommend you to join us.


~Mr. Nisar Ahmad~ (From PAK)

(Masters’ Scholar at KSU)

Well, my respected and dear brother Shakeel Ahmad raised a very important question.

I am writing my response with the hope that this will help you all (new applicants) to make your decision easy.

We all know, when anybody apply for a foreign degree/or scholarship, many factors control the selection of a specific country and the university itself i.e. University Ranking, Research Facilities, Funding or stipend, Expenses vs Savings (if any, if possible), culture and last but not least the total timing for the degree completion. These factors differ from person to person and region to region. As, for some, research quality is much more important than timing, while for others funding and culture is more important than the ranking of university.

In short, if you have already applied and got acceptance from King Saud University (KSU)- Riyadh, which shows that now what you want to listen from us is much different from that what you would like to listen before your application.

I would like to quickly highlight some aspects to make your final decision easy. (Even if you are a new applicant, consider these before your application, this will be equally important for you as well)

For Master or PhD students, the most important thing is enough funding, quality of the research and the timing or duration of degree.

1. Funding for Master Students

From KSU you will get Free Air Ticket from your country (i.e. Pakistan) to Riyadh. Free Student Housing, Free Medical, Furnishing Allowance for every newcomer and on above all this, you have 890 SR stipend per month. And you will also enjoy 3 months holidays with a free return air ticket annually from the university as well.

Wooww, it’s looking like a dream comes true. Yes! it is and it could be, But wait…

The most important from my side (and is considered the same worldwide) is the quality of research here, that is, not so bad and not to good, it is in between. It mostly depends on your abilities and interests. But you will have enough facilities to produce high impact factor ISI research papers. Well the last and the 2nd most important is the timing. This is little disturbing. They have a previous record (and environment or you can say it as a trend) of 3 to 3 and a half year for a MASTER’S DEGREE. As you will have course work of about 26 to 32 credit hour course work (it is different in different departments). It takes usually 1.5 years (3 semesters). I would like to quote here, for some people this last condition is acceptable. So, is it for You?

2. Funding for PhD Students – almost same benefits as for master student.

3. Funding for Master/PhD Researchers

If you are being offered a research VISA for your degree, than you will get about 2,000 during Master and 2900 SR during PhD (Yes, its enough as compared to 890 SR for students), but you have to pay some fees i.e. renewal of your ID card (they call it Iqama) and exit re-entry visa fees etc and some other expenses as well.

As for timing, you have 1.5 years (3 semesters) for coursework, than 1 semester for “Comprehensive Exam (only for PhD students)”. You must have to pass this exam. If you fail you will get one more chance to clear it. But, if you fail again, you are wasted. Wait .. wait… What? Yes you heard right. If you fail comprehensive exam, all your efforts and timing just wasted, and you have to go back or search for some other opportunity all from the start. And be careful, in engineering and agricultural sciences we have some examples as well. Reasons could be any, but we have examples of failure. And if you pass, you have 1 semester for proposal.. and than go for research.. hopefully, you will try to finish your PhD in 4 years (Oooh .. why not go to china for a 3 years PhD degree).

4. Yes, one extra benefit that I know, you have hidden there somewhere in your mind, you can do Umrah by yourself. KSU also take some students for Umrah and Hajj free of cast, but not everyone get this free opportunity.

If you have no cultural or timing issues and you have mid to upper good GPA and and university is not asking for good IELTS bands. Then that’s it what you would like to be inspired to come and join King Saud University (KSU), Riyadh. I hope till now you have already made your mind if so, then come on.. we are waiting for you.

(I am here at KSU , and do not judge me wrong, there were my own priorities that were not based on my CGPA=3.54 silver 2nd position or IELTS=6.5 + GRE + 1st prize for best student paper from my BS research at ATC 2012 Islamabad).


If you ask me, why should I not come to KSU.

I would say “Save Your Precious Time”, if you have already wasted your time, and you have really good GPA/CGPA, and university is asking for IELTS bands. If you have good GPA and a professional degree (especially any engineering or practical professional physical sciences degree i.e Physics, chemistry, maths or geology etc) then please give it time and search for some scholarship in some European countries or even why not go to china. It is really easy now than 3 years back. On Facebook there are many groups that are posting about recent and latest scholarship opportunities i.e “Scholarship Network” follow/join them. But the only demand is, you have to give it time. Finding scholarship is not as easy as it is for applying here for KSU. But believe that it is not as difficult as it looks at the beginning. Decision is yours. If you need help we all will help you. I will, if nobody else.

From here now on, ask ALLAH for final guidance. May ALLAH make it easy for all of us.

Finally I shall “NOT Recommend” you to join KSU.


~Mr. Muhammad Mubushar~ (From PAK)

(Masters’ Research fellow at KSU)

KSU is heaven for those who are free (jobless) or don’t have any good job. And also good for those who have penalty of time in their life.

I agree with Mr. Abubakar Zia and Mr. Nisar Ahmad who draw a very good picture of the University.

“NOT Recommend” to any one to join KSU if you want to complete your studies as soon as possible, as you have lot of opportunities other than this where you can complete your studies in due course of time.


~Mr. Eid Muhammad Khan~ (From PAK)

(Masters’ Scholar at KSU)

This is a good scholarship if you have an offer for Phd studies as a researcher A, only. Otherwise NO.

“Not Recommend”


~Mr. Abubakar Zia~ (From PAK)

(Masters’ Research fellow at KSU)

I think those guys who completed their degrees and got acceptance for the same degree in ksu, should not join and I will recommend. And same recommendation are also for those who are at good job position or post in Pakistan.

Because, time is most precious thing. Even just for masters’ degree the University will consume your 4 years of life.

Just analyze your current status and situation and make decision by yourself. It’s all that I feel.

Our brother Mr. Nisar Ahmad have written an excellent comment and I endorse his every word.

Yes, you are right Mubushar. Because during this period you can get a lot of other platform or opportunities for future. But all the things matter alot.

On the behalf of my TWO Years experience I shall “NOT Recommend” to any one to come here.


~Mr. Usman Tahir~ (From PAK)

(PhD Research fellow at KSU)

My Experience is quiet good and I will say if you have potential and zeal to work then this university have all facilities very well equipped labs in every department and very conducive environment for research activities provided here. so, on the behalf of my very short experience I recommend to all the student who completed there bachelor or master degree do apply and try your luck.

Best wishes for all of you in your future endeavors.

Finally, I shall “Recommend” you to join us.


~Zakaria Mohamed Hagi~ (From Somalia)
(Masters’ Scholar at KSU)

First, the University is so good in terms of facilities and system.

For new applicants, I would like to say that if you are a jobless person or you have much time and no worries about the how long it will take for your degree, then come and join.

While, if you are very sensitive to time then think twice. The reality is “At least the M.Sc degree will lasts about 3 to 3.5 years, even some students may stay longer than this range.

Everything is okay and acceptable Except the long study period.

To come close to the point I will “NOT Recommend” to anyone unless he doesn’t care about the time.

  • Mr. Muhammad Afzal
  • Mr. Matloob Javed
  • Mr. Muhammad Usman Mughal
  • Mr. Muneeb ur Rehman
  • Mr. Ali Zeshan
  • Mr. Ahmed Raza
  • Mr. Umar Sial
  • Mr. Ali Shahzad
  • Mr. Ravaiz Khan
  • Mr. Qadir Khan

Looking forward to your response. Thanks in advance.


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