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Extension of 2 weeks is Expected in Summer Vacations 2016

Lahore: Due to security reasons, the government and the private schools are expected to be reopen on 1st September, 2016, decided by the Education Department.

The authorities are discussing about the security of the schools and trying to make it 100% fool proof. In the shadow of this reason an application has been sent to higher authorities. According to the earlier notification the schools will be opened on 15th August, 2016 and the vacations were scheduled till 14th August, 2016 and after that regular studies shall start with all other routine school activities but now perhaps it would not be possible on 15th August, 2016.

Extension in Summer Vacations Heading

Extension in Summer Vacations

After a recent blast in Quetta the security of the schools has over-viewed, and the security have been found unsatisfactory by the school education department so, the administrators have decided to extend the summer vacations just to improve the security measures of the schools.

If the extension will get approval then the schools should have to made their security fool proof and should accomplish all the security measures in any way. In case this summery does not get approval then the schools also adopt all the security measures for the security of their staff and primarily the security of the children.

Wait for the notification. If this news get approval, it will be notified and the notification would be found here.


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