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Fake Notification Regarding Public Holiday on 9th November, 2016

PNP Updates: Tomorrow will be the 139th birth anniversary of our national poet, Allama Muhammad Iqbal, and government will celebrate the day with all its protocols. Now the question is “Is there holiday tomorrow in connection with the birthday of Allama Muhammad Iqbal??”.

There is a notification being in circulation on social media about the holiday announced by Government on 9th November, 2016 but please note that, the notification being circulated by the people on social networks is FAKE and False. That notification does not have any existence (Attached below).


All the offices and institutions of private and public sectors will remain opened tomorrow and NO Holiday will be observed except KPK and Sindh.

Currently, No notification has been issued regarding tomorrow’s holiday by government, sources confirmed.

After the fake notification, a news published in today’s express newspaper has also no worth. They stated about the public holiday all over the Pakistan but the news is NOT TRUE at all, because the interior minister has rejected the summery of holiday on Iqbal day and ordered to all government and private institutions to remain open and work normally.


Only the KP and Sindh Government has announced the Iqbal day as a holiday.

The president of Azad Government of the State of Jammu and Kashmir has also approved the summery for the cancellation of the tomorrow’s Holiday on 9th November, 2016. Earlier in 2015 the Federal government has also been cancelled the holiday with Notification.



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