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Famous Indian actor Sadashiv Amrapurkar has been passed away

Famous Indian actor Sadashiv Amrapurkar has been passed away

Mumbai: The famous Indian actor and social activist “Sadashiv Amrapurkar” has been died at the age of 64 on Monday morning after a long disease. Famous Indian actor Sadashiv Amrapurkar has been passed away on 3rd November, 2014.

Rathi Movies actor and director, especially in movies like arda, Satya, siddaq and Ishaq, made ​​earn much fame in the Indian people nationally and Pakistani as well due to excellent acting in films.

Negative roles in several Hindi films made ​​through a separate identity. His performance in every movie of his film industry career made him unique and popular among the people of world.

The legendary Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan and cricketer Anil Kumble’s generous expressed grief over the demise. On his death Amitabh tweeted with full of grief and sorrow. He is sad due to Sadasiv Amrapurkar death. Sadasiv Amrapurkar has left many glorious memories for all of his colleagues and family members.

Amitabh Bachchan Tweets:

Waking up in Kolkata to the sad news of the passing away of Sadasiv Amrapurkar .. a colleague and a gifted talent .. prayers !!

When a colleague suddenly passes away there is a sudden vacuum, of times spent together, of acknowledgement of their work ..


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