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Find best age of doing marriage

According to research persons who get married at the age of 28 to 32 are more successful as compared to other ages.

Experts analyzed the data collected from different marriage burro and other persons who are involved in marriage services. After analysis they said that the most successful marriages of those couples who are married at the age of 28 to 32.

best age of doing marriage

According to sociology expert “Nick Wolfing” from University of Youths did a survey in collaboration with National Survey of Family Growth. He said that marriages at the age of 30’s are more successful. If someone exceed from 30’s then the chances of divorce is raised 5% more.

Experts said that you should not be so old or so young when you plan to do marriage and third decade of your life is suitable and pleasant time for doing marriage. The reason of this is that at this stage both male and female are fully matured and they can handle the problems of life in better way.


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