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Fitrana should give in form of food instead of money

Riyadh 🙁 July 28, 2014) Saudi Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz and other senior scholars said that Eid-ul-Fiter Zakat Fitrana should gave in form of food instead of money. He said that Fitrana in form of money is wrong according to the Islamic rules therefore it should be given in form of food to the needy people because today food supply to the people very short many people are died from hunger Eid-ul-Fiter Zakat give to the needy and poor people so that they will also enjoy the happiness of Eid.


Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz also said that Zakat Fitrana should be given before the prayer of Eid-ul-Fiter and only given to those countries in which Muslims lived.


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