Public Holiday on Iqbal Day November 9, 2015

Islamabad: News for government employees, the government was decided a public holiday in the whole country on Iqbal Day November 9, 2015 but according to the latest update it has been cancelled.

According to media reports, a senior Interior Ministry official was told that the government has decided a national holiday on November 9, 2015 ( Monday ) on the occasion of Iqbal day but the decision has been returned and now no holiday will be observed on coming Monday.


All the private and government institutions will remain opened and work as usual in routine.


All the government and educational institutions will not be closed and government officials could not enjoy two holidays on this weekend. 🙁 🙁

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  1. Very bad!!!. I idealise Iqbal as he was a great sufi. His ideologies are far greater then Quad-e-azam. He was a great sufi as well and his literature gives spiritual insight to all who follow and read his poetry. Why cant we have a holiday on the bases of being a great sufi saint??? What is there to loose if the govt sanctions a holiday?
    Government should respect him sanction a holiday.


  2. Es govt ne pehlay b ham sy rohani chutti cheeni hy jumma Mubarak ki

    Or ab Iqbal day ki

    Es tarah or b

    Dar assal ye sannat kar hy factories k malik hain ue ek din ka lose dochtay hain


  3. Stupid interior ministor on no iqbal day holiday.


  4. Nawaz ganjay kay marnay par chauti milay i sub ko


  5. We probably enjoy most holidays in the world, “I think we should have some working days as well….:)


  6. this is an idiotic decision… shame on such government orders , they are insulting our legends…


  7. It is just simple nawaz govt policy to finish holidays from calender


  8. Real reason of cancel the holiday
    Government is under the influence of the industry owners, particularly export oriented factory owners that pressurizing the government to cut down other benefits to workers as government has increased the minimum wages of poor workers. This government act will deprive the right to benefits of poor laborers. Our law said
    Public Holiday Work Compensation
    If an employee works on a public holiday, he is paid at 300% of the rate of his normal wages (normal wage for working on public holiday + paid substitute holiday + one day’s paid compensatory holiday). (section 49-I of Factories Act 1934)


  9. Go to hell 😕aik holiday bhi nhi de sakty😠😠😠😠😠


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