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Government Raise Salary of Employees by 10% in Budget 2017-18

The Federal Government has proposed an increase of 10% on basic salary after merging the 2010 adhoc relief allowance with the name of “adhoc relief allowance”.

The government servants were expecting a higher rate of increase on their salary. However, the merging of 2010 adhoc relief allowance is a good step towards long term benefit for the employees.

The Federal Minister, Ishaq Dar while delivering the budget speech on 26th May 2017, said:

In the budget speech FY 2016-17 three allowances were merged. However, the 2008 adhoc relief allowance to the Army and the 2010 adhoc relief allowance for the civilians was not merged. There has been a consistent demand to merge these allowance. I am pleased to announce that it has been decided and give a 10% adhoc relief allowance on the merged salary to all civil and armed forces employees.

The Federal Government has proposed the merger of 2008 adhoc relief allowance given to armed forces personnel into the basic salary from next year.

The revised pay scales chart can be seen for information too, to get an idea how much increase the employee can get.


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