What would Mark Zuckerberg and Shah Rukh Khan look like if they were shot in the face by pellet guns in Kashmir? #Pellet_Bullets_For_Kashmir.

Indian army is voilationg the rules, set in the respect of humen beings in Kashmir. In recent incidence the Indian Army was used pellet guns in Kashmir that demage the face and other body parts of the Kashmiris. The video content given below is not our copy right but this is just a picture to show the world that how would look the people if they shot by the pellet guns.

Pellet Gun Shots and Face of People

How would Mark Zukerberg Look Like if he got shot with a pellet gun? An online campaign is editing photos of famous faces to highlight the use of pellet guns in Indian-administered Kashmir. Each photo carris a real story with real names.


“My Son was unarmed but they shot him with that ‘NON-LETHAL’ gun. It still took his life.”

“I struggled to beleive that they were trying 4-years-old. They still shot mine. Kashmir has been hit by weeks of unprecedented violence after indian authorities killed separatist rebel Burhan wani.”

Since then, pellet gun cartridges have been used by the Indian Army over 2000 times. These guns fire hundreds of pellets at once. And they’re being used to squash protests.

“This protest is not about jingoism [extreme patriotism]. It is aout trying to creat empathy.” (Activist Jibran Nasir)

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