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Hajj-e-Akbar 2014 Pictures, Photos and Wallpapers

Labbaik Allah’humma Labbaik! HAJJ MUBARAK to Ummat’e Muhammadi S.A.W.W!

The beauty of hajj is that it represents unity every rich, poor, powerful,worker, adult,young and old is in same uniform of white colour.
May Allah accept their Ibadah and may He accept ours too.

The pilgrims getting ready for the wuqoof time in the given picture. The time of their lives where sins are forgiven and duas accepted. When they leave Arafah they will be like new born babies – without sin, clean slate. InshaAllah

Hajj 2014-1

Pilgrims make stand at Arafat seeking mercy.

Hajj 2014-5

Haj 2014: Pilgrims gather on Mount Arafat, near Makkah, to take part in one of the #Haj rituals.

Hajj 2014-6

On the Night of Jummuah & the Day of Arafah O Allah grant each person their rightful heart desire for this world & the hereafter. Ameen.

Hajj e Akbar Mubarak to every Muslim on ‪Earth‬, ‪‎Hajj 2014‬

As pilgrims make way to Hajj 2014, lets pray to Allah. Ya Allah accept the Hajj of the pilgrims & grant us the opportunity to go to the sacred lands that have been blessed with the presence & fragrance of the Beloved Prophet (PBUH). Ameen.

May ALLAH accept our prayers & guide us on the right path.
ALLAH bless all of us Ameen

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