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Heaviest Australian bull from Jinnah Cattle Farm for Eid ul Adha 2016

Karachi: People are buying the animals for Eid ul Adha 2016 that is expected between September 11 to September 14.

Today is the 5th of Zul Qadah, 1437 and about one month is remaining to Hajj that is estimated on Friday September 09, 2016. Muslims, after performing Hajj, sacrifice animals in the memory and to refresh the Sun’nah of Hazrat Isma’eel (A.S) for the sake of happiness of ALLAH(S.W.T).

People are buying/purchasing beautiful and healthy Bulls, He-Goats and other renowned types of sacrificial animals. In this contest Surmawala Cattle Farm, Dilpasand, Shahid Afridi and Shah Cattle Farms are the big names that are providing their services. Animals from these Farms are healthy, heighten and beautiful enough.

Other than these Farms, like Jinnah Cattle Farm and many other farms are also producing sacrificial animals for the coming Eid event.

Jinnah Cattle Farm sold a bull to Mr. Sanaullah that is a resident of Dhoraji Society. Beautiful glimpse of the Bull are attached in this post for the people concerns. Have a look on the pictures given below and admire ALLAH S.W.T who is actually the creator, producer and owner of this bull. MASHA’ALLAH, SUBHAN’ALLAH.

Jinnah Cattle Farm 2016-4

Jinnah Cattle Farm 2016-1

Jinnah Cattle Farm 2016-2

Jinnah Cattle Farm 2016-3

Jinnah Cattle Farm 2016-5


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