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Hindu extremist killed Muslim on eating Cow’s meat

Hindu extremism from “Utar Pardesh” killed 50 year old Muhammad Ikhlaq and his 22 year old son after beating them brutally due to eating cow’s meat

Once again in India religious discrimination is seen in Indian State “Utar Pardesh” where hindu extremist killed 50 year old Muslim on eating cow’s meat. According to Indian media in village of Utar Pardesh some people grasped Muhammad IKhlaq and his son on eating cow’s meat from their home and beat them with stones. During the incidence both Muslims said that the meat was of goat instead of cow but nobody believes on them.

50 years old Muslim died due to severe wounds while his son was admitted in the hospital where his condition is crucial. On the others hand victims wife said that a big mob was entered into their home and tried to beat everyone under the presence of police.

extremism in india

Muhammad Ikhlaq’s daughter said that our relatives sent goat meat on Eid Ul Azha event which is sent by the police to laboratory for confirmation. On the other hand police said that they took into custody of 6 drunken persons from the spot that was beating the victims.


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