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How to Fill Educators Form, Challan Form and UC Certificate?

This is a guide to fill the Educators Form (Application, List of Schools and Challan Form) for allocation of schools after clearing the NTS screening test.

Challan Form: The candidates have to fill the challan form (32-a) with the following information. The name of the applicant along with its parentage, tehsil and district will appear in the first column (By Whom tendered), and then write “Chairman Recruitment Committee with its DISTRICT NAME” in the second column.

The title of post against which the application is being submitted will appear in the third column, and Rs. 100 (One Hundred Rupees) will be mentioned in fourth column. The head of account is to be mentioned as shown in the sample filled challan below.

Note: The challan forms are available free of cost at all branches of National Bank of Pakistan.


Union Council Form: The sample union council form is given below and needs to be filled as per the applicants detail. The form can be attested  by local Nazim or representative of the uni council.



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