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Human brain can be made “Super Natural”: Research

By inserting Nano Reboot in human brain, it is possible that human brain can link with whole world directly

California: with the advancement in computer science, human brain is now exploring new ways of advancement and this journey is going on. Now scientist has claimed that with the insertion of nano reboot into human brain it is possible to link brain directly with whole world

human brain can be made super natural

Internationally famous scientist named “Ray Kurzwill” who is also working on a K learning project sponsored by Google is working on this project also that in human brain nano reboot could be inserted so due to this it can produce some unusual and amazing powers. He said that in 2030 the part of brain which process listening and watching could be coupled with nano reboot and human brain will link with whole world directly.

While addressing in a ceremony held in University Moffat Field California he said that with this technology working power of human brain could also be increased. Human brain can use artificial intelligence of computer which makes him super natural. While on the other hand mechanical engineers professor “James Friend” from university of California warned that it could be dangerous to let nano reboot like electronic device into human brain.


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