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ICC Decided Super Over on a Tie in Final of World Cup

World Cup trophy was danger of being divided into 2 teams, the International Cricket Council to determine the final winner in the event of a tie for the Super Over restored, in the event of any violation against the former captain of yours does not come auurryt will.

ICC Decided Super Over on a Tie in Final of World Cup

Action will be taken against abusive players. According to the ICC announced last year that the final tie, then both teams will be declared the winner, but was restored Super iWork 2011 World Cup was playing conditions. The declaration of the Council of the last of the 2015 World Cup finals proved inconclusive then determine the champion side will be super over, in the past proved effective enough to resolve the tie is the best way.

We want the trophy in the final, and it’s only right decision and nothing more than to be super over. ICC board meeting in Dubai on slow over rate approved a proposal under which the former captain in the event of any breach shall not vary. In the event the captain was fined a bilateral series.

International Cricket Council umpire action against abusive players support the World Cup was also instructed to take drastic action. -Field controversies in the past few years after the Council was forced this action.


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